La Bouteille d’Or – Paris 5

>> French side <<


During my Parisian holidays playing tourist (yes, I’ve spent my holidays in Paris), my friend and I decided to visit the famous Musée d’Orsay. It was also on this occasion that was taken this wonderful shot which is on this blog homepage. In short, we had planned a studious afternoon but the morning was ending and hunger roaming like a wild animal. And you know that I’m weak… Lire la suite

Le Piquet – Paris 15

>> French side <<


When you are lucky enough to live in Paris, you don’t enjoy it as much as for holidays. It’s also true when you work near a touristic place. It took me a long time to realize that I was working close to the Champ de Mars. And it’s precisely (or almost) at the corner of the rue de Suffren and the avenue de la Motte Piquet that I take you today. Lire la suite

Café le Baron – Paris 9

>> French side <<


If you follow the posts on my Facebook account (yes, I don’t only post to tell you when a new article is online), you surely read that since last week until Sunday October 1 is the eighth edition of #tousaurestaurant. It is in this context that I went with my best friend at the Café le Baron, located between Le Peletier and Cadet, which offers a menu at 59 € for the occasion (which means 29 € 50 per person because one menu purchased = the second offered).

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La Crêperie Framboise – Paris 15

>> French side <<


At noon, I finally convinced my colleagues to eat in a small Parisian restaurant chain that I adore: the Crêperie Framboise! It has the merit of being good, not very expensive, serving quickly and it only uses buckwheat flour and 100% organic wheat. Once I said that, I said quite everything. Last thing to do was to taste… Lire la suite