La Bouteille d’Or – Paris 5

>> French side <<


During my Parisian holidays playing tourist (yes, I’ve spent my holidays in Paris), my friend and I decided to visit the famous Musée d’Orsay. It was also on this occasion that was taken this wonderful shot which is on this blog homepage. In short, we had planned a studious afternoon but the morning was ending and hunger roaming like a wild animal. And you know that I’m weak… Lire la suite

Pizza e Fichi – Paris 4

>> French side <<


Tonight, I meet my friend for our traditional tour of Italian restaurants after a hard day’s work. This time, our journey brings us near Bastille, in the 4th arrondissement. It’s a small restaurant named Pizza e Fichi that has been opened for less than a year. As soon as we get inside, we are transported to Italy. Here, Italian is the official language right up to the kitchen and that warms us instantly (and there is no connection with the radiator next to our table). Lire la suite

Le Patio – Paris 20

>> French side <<


Today, back to basics or, more precisely, where it all began: Cours de Vincennes. It’s Friday night, I’m finally leaving my job and my friend comes out of meeting without news of those who were supposed to join her for a drink. I admit, I wasn’t in a mood to drink with them in the 10th because my week had been quite demanding. But it’s Friday night and I still want to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. Lire la suite

Le Palinuro – Paris 9

>> French side <<


Le Palinuro. This is the perfect example of why I created this blog. I went there over a year ago with a friend and we forgot it. I mean we remembered that we ate very well there but we didn’t remember the location or the name.

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Le Piquet – Paris 15

>> French side <<


When you are lucky enough to live in Paris, you don’t enjoy it as much as for holidays. It’s also true when you work near a touristic place. It took me a long time to realize that I was working close to the Champ de Mars. And it’s precisely (or almost) at the corner of the rue de Suffren and the avenue de la Motte Piquet that I take you today. Lire la suite

Café le Baron – Paris 9

>> French side <<


If you follow the posts on my Facebook account (yes, I don’t only post to tell you when a new article is online), you surely read that since last week until Sunday October 1 is the eighth edition of #tousaurestaurant. It is in this context that I went with my best friend at the Café le Baron, located between Le Peletier and Cadet, which offers a menu at 59 € for the occasion (which means 29 € 50 per person because one menu purchased = the second offered).

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La Bocca – Paris 14

>> French side <<


The weather is good, spring finally blossoms and here we are, transformed into a Parisian cliche, running to the green space to enjoy the sun! But filling up vitamin D whets the appetite! This led us to chase the perfect place nearby the Montsouris park to soothe our hunger. After looking through a bunch of front door menus, a black front window with a big red « kiss » catches my eyes. Once we glance at the menu and have a quick peek inside we knew we were convinced this was place we were eating at. Lire la suite

La Crêperie Framboise – Paris 15

>> French side <<


At noon, I finally convinced my colleagues to eat in a small Parisian restaurant chain that I adore: the Crêperie Framboise! It has the merit of being good, not very expensive, serving quickly and it only uses buckwheat flour and 100% organic wheat. Once I said that, I said quite everything. Last thing to do was to taste… Lire la suite