Le Bar à Bulles – Paris 18

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Le bar à bulles… or the trial of my life! It’s been a while since I’ve seen my best friend so we decided to go to a brunch she knew. The appointment was next to the Moulin Rouge. It’s without counting on my flying skills that made me win a beautiful cast and crutches – Christmas in advance! What matter with today’s brunch will you tell me? This charming brunch is located in a small paved alley on the left of the mill, at the top of steep stairs. But hey, you have to deserve it!At the top of those stairs, we face a guard who verifies our booking (it’s better to do so because it starts to get well known) and ours bags. We arrive then on a nice terrace then pass the red front door. We are quickly placed and a waitress brings us a list, telling us that the dessert of the day is a fruit salad. Indeed, the concept is rather atypical: the brunch consists of a dish and a dessert of your choice; you must complete the form indicating your choice and then bring it to the counter where you are directly cashed. In our case, we take a bacon bun and a salmon and two cheesecakes.

Once the brunch is billed and ordered, we receive a buzzer and a basket of mini pastries and the rest of the meal is in self-service. At the counter, there are various juices (orange, grapefruit, apple) and iced tea (nature, hibiscus), coffee, milk and hot water as well as several teas and chocolate powder. All this allows us to wait for the preparation of our order and it is good because we really start to get hungry. We could have taken toast and jam but we figured that if we started, we would have no room for the rest of the meal. Great idea!


The pastries served only to open our appetite, we’re hungry when the buzzer ends up ringing. My friend gets up to get our order and brings the dishes and desserts! At this sight, I see that indeed, I did well to refrain from taking toasts so I can fully enjoy this composition.

I start with the semolina salad (for me it’s not couscous) zucchini feta which is very fresh then I eat the thin slice of cheese. It’s only after that that I get down to business i.e to the slightly toasted bun and scrambled eggs with salmon. To avoid eating it too fast, I’m testing sweet potato French fries that I don’t like. Well, I can tell you it’s better when it’s fried, but it’s totally subjective.


By the way, it’s the only thing I leave but almost more by satiety. On the other side of the table, are the fries and salad but only because the dish is lavish. We take a break before moving on to the red berries cheesecake.

My friend can’t finish it because the dish really stalled but I’m done on my part. Again, I didn’t go in the best conditions because I’m not a fan of cheesecake, but do I have a face to order the fruit salad? Moreover, if I wasn’t able to take risks, why doing this blog? In short, I tasted their cheesecake and I loved it! But really, I don’t remember eating one that I found so good. It made me feel a bit like tiramisu, that it goes by itself. But this too is an opinion that everyone does not share.


To conclude, this small brunch perched behind the Moulin Rouge is worth the detour and deserved that I sweat blood and water to climb these stairs armed with my two engines of war and my crazy paw. But remember to book because there is no room for everyone! (This is the problem of good addresses that are starting to make themselves well-known).


Le bar à bulles

4 bis Cité Véron, Paris 18

Metro : Blanche (line 2) – Place de Clichy (line 2 / 13)


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