La Bouteille d’Or – Paris 5

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During my Parisian holidays playing tourist (yes, I’ve spent my holidays in Paris), my friend and I decided to visit the famous Musée d’Orsay. It was also on this occasion that was taken this wonderful shot which is on this blog homepage. In short, we had planned a studious afternoon but the morning was ending and hunger roaming like a wild animal. And you know that I’m weak…

So we walked to Saint Michel without knowing where to go, when I had the fab idea to go to this famous restaurant that I so often saw on LaFourchette but that I never tried. The opportunity was too good, we were close and the discount was very interesting for our holiday budget that was disappearing so quickly… That’s how we ended up at La Bouteille d’Or. Idyllic setting with a beautiful terrace next to the docks overlooking Notre-Dame: the dream! The weather was not good, the restaurant was not very crowded but we were spoiled by the choice of the table and the attention of our server. So we sit on the terrace to enjoy the tranquility of the place. Bad weather in Paris in August can be good.

On the menu, appetizers, meats and fish cooked in an original way. To give us time to choose, we each order a glass of red wine and enjoy the deserted terrace and landscape. Apart from a few passers-by and cars, we are alone in the world and it feels good to blow up after a demanding week beginning. After a long moment of hesitation, we finally decide on the entries. For my friend, the tartar bar with lemon and julienne vegetables in input. For me, fine Saint-Maure pie and dried figs. The plates are obviously very well presented and make us almost forget the cold around us. I am initially surprised by my puff pastry because I was expecting a stuffed entree but this stack of products only accentuates their taste (and there is more cheese!). Regarding the tartar bar, this is more the bar on a (thick) vegetables bed. We regret that there is not more fish, but it’s still good!


As soon as the plates are over, we got the main dish that warms us a little. It’s a short duck breast with honey and thyme served with a gratin dauphinois for Madame and a fillet of beef sauce Diane and seasonal vegetables roasted in the oven for Monsieur. This is a winning formula for me because I love duck and do not eat it very often and you will never disappoint me with a recipe made from potatoes. My fear came from the sauce but was totally unjustified. It’s bad, but I must admit, I’ve wept everything with bread! In front of me, it is also a nice surprise whether for the meat, the sauce or the vegetables. And those mushrooms! (Yes I have a thing with mushrooms). In short, beautiful and large pieces of tasty vegetables that full the stomach … My friend pleads guilty for having left some of it because he can’t eat anymore.


After the main dish … comes the rain! So we take advantage of this break to go back inside the restaurant before ordering our desserts, or should I say THE dessert: a gourmet coffee. It’s possible to ask for a tea instead of coffee but beware; the water is always hotter out of the kettle than machine. We are quickly served and are delighted by the proposed composition: chocolate mellow, crème brûlée, tiramisu with FRESH fruit and apple strudel. Yummy!


It is true that this restaurant is expensive compared to others but you have to know how to have fun on certain occasions (especially if you follow the good plan that I propose below)! In short, we will gladly return, but maybe not a rainy day or we will not sit on the terrace.


La Bouteille d’Or

9 quai Montebello, Paris 5

Metro : Maubert Mutualité (line 10) – Saint Michel (line 4 / B / C)

If you are not interested in the formula, you can book on LaFourchette and get a discount if you order at least starter + main course or main course + dessert (drinks do not benefit from reduction). If you do not have a LaFourchette account, do not hesitate to use my sponsorship code at registration: 7AAA10BF

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