Quartier Vavin – Paris 6

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What is nice in Paris is that I have friends who work in the same area as I do. This means that in a few stops, I can break my lunch routine. And today, here I am, at the Quartier Vavin near the Duroc station.
My friend knows this place, which is her regular drop point when she works in the neighborhood. With a beautiful terrace at the corner of the street, the bistro is perfect to enjoy the last beautiful days of the year. The menu is already waiting for us and the little extra for this meal is the lunch formula is 18 € : starter-main dish or main dish-dessert with three choices for each. I quickly opt for the formula and my friend is tempted by a pasta wok with prawns.

We just have time to order before being interrupted by the municipal pound who removes the car behind the one of my friend. She leaves the table to learn about the fate of hers and ends up moving it away … Meanwhile, our dishes arrive and it is very nicely that the waiter agrees to keep the wok warm (yes, I forgot to ask him for my penne all’arabiatta).


About ten minutes later, we are both back at the table with our plates, ready to eat. The pasta are good and very well-seasoned and the voracious that I am soon finishes her plate. The dish of my friend fulls her enough and she orders a coffee to accompany my dessert. Let’s talk about this dessert: a curiosity, through the traditional desserts offered in the bistros. I can’t find its name but it is an original marriage of biscuit with figs and a white chocolate cream (I would have to go back to complete my article with the name).


My plate is served and we are amazed by the sight. This dessert looks much more than appetizing and we forget that we are in a bistro. I hesitate a moment before tasting because I don’t know where to start without damaging it. And once I start… a delight! We can taste the fig, the white chocolate is not too pronounced, the light cream and the biscuit as it should. Just for that, you should go!


Quartier Vavin

18 rue Vavin, Paris 6

Metro : Vavin (line 4) – Notre-Dame des Champs (line 12)

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