Pizza e Fichi – Paris 4

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Tonight, I meet my friend for our traditional tour of Italian restaurants after a hard day’s work. This time, our journey brings us near Bastille, in the 4th arrondissement. It’s a small restaurant named Pizza e Fichi that has been opened for less than a year. As soon as we get inside, we are transported to Italy. Here, Italian is the official language right up to the kitchen and that warms us instantly (and there is no connection with the radiator next to our table).

The menu is simple but effective: antipasti, pizzas and dolci. Daily specials are on the slate and this is where we find the pasta. The choice is very difficult, especially because my friend wants the cheese board and I want the cutting one with mozzarella. After a very long hesitation (thanks to the waitresses for their patience), we take the starter with a kir prosecco. The waitress tells us that it is not mozzarella but burrata, a detail for us. We are quickly served and it is a delight for our eyes as for our taste buds: ham, chorizo, eggplant, artichokes and burrata.


We finish the board too quickly but it is replaced by our two pizzas: rocket parmesan pizza mozzarella and spicy salami pizza with egg supplement. For the anecdote, we provoke a run to the pizza knife in the restaurant for my friend who did not have one. And again, it’s a real treat! But after the entrance, we have trouble getting to the end because they are copious.


So we take a break before taking a dessert and then discuss with the waitress and the boss who are really adorable. It must be said that we’re not many in the room and that my friend can be easy to get on with. A song in the kitchen, a 3G that goes and does it again and here we are to « moan » and laugh. We even win a little round in the good atmosphere.

In the end, I order a tiramisu when my friend only asks for a coffee. I don’t know who is right. The dessert is beautiful, it’s good, but I don’t get through despite the little pikes of the boss who finds herself quoting the Monty Pythons after we have toured some actors for our taste.


Although we’ve settled the bill, we spend quite a time talking about everything and nothing (and movies!) And we finally leave with a little present and the promise to come back. In short, we’ve spent a crazy evening where we really had a good meal and in a place where people are really welcoming, take the time to discuss and where we feel that there is a happy atmosphere.


Pizza e Fichi

7 rue de la Cerisaie, Paris 4

Metro : Bastille (ligne 1 / 5 / 8)

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