Le Patio – Paris 20

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Today, back to basics or, more precisely, where it all began: Cours de Vincennes. It’s Friday night, I’m finally leaving my job and my friend comes out of meeting without news of those who were supposed to join her for a drink. I admit, I wasn’t in a mood to drink with them in the 10th because my week had been quite demanding. But it’s Friday night and I still want to celebrate the beginning of the weekend.

I’ve spent a good part of my afternoon trying to convince her to go to an Italian restaurant which was on her way home but without much success. Fortunately, I finally manage to win the « yes » so much awaited just before leaving line 1. Perfect timing, we meet at Nation station to go to the Patio. Actually, the lack of common outputs makes the task a bit difficult but my 4 years at Nation allow me to give my friend a landmark to meet. And here we are on our way to the Cours de Vincennes.

There was a time when the Patio was my canteen. At that time, I was going to eat there at least once a week and I think I went there with all of my friends. It must be said that I am a target of choice for marketing people and the positioning of this restaurant, in addition to offering very good food with delicious products and lovely staff, is to make heart-shaped pizzas. But this speech doesn’t really convince my friend who dreams of bolo pasta. A glance at the menu before entering and here she is relieved.

We sit  next to the kitchen counter. While my friend already knows what she wants to order, my heart swings between the four cheese pizza with extra egg and the 007 pizza with goat cheese instead of chorizo. I’m hungry, so I opt for the James Bond one.


Our order arrives quite quickly and, yum yum, the water goes up to our mouths immediately. The dishes are really appetizing and that we are very hungry. Nevertheless, we have to wait for the waiter to come back with a cheese grater and a huge piece of parmesan cheese! Huge happiness when he warns grating at will.


Once my friend is copiously served Parmesan, we can finally start eating. And as expected, it’s delicious. To quote my friend: « It’s so good I want to die!”.  My favorite pizza had really missed me for almost 2 years but, despite a change of ownership, nothing has changed. The first time I asked to change the chorizo for goat, the waiter looked at me strangely, unconvinced by my choice (in general, it’s better not to change the balance of flavors proposed by the chef) but the result is really very good and it is not easy to find an equivalent of the 007 elsewhere. It is therefore natural that it doesn’t remain anything. In front of me, my friend is full (it must be said that the plate is generous) but doesn’t want to spoil this pleasure and therefore asks to takeaway.

When the waiter returns to offer us a dessert, it’s with no surprise that he asks me rhetorically if I want the tiramisu. Guilty and spotted, what do you want?! For my friend, it will be a coffee to accompany me but the waiter brings her a spoon to taste my dessert. It should be known that it is more expensive than in the other Italians I go to, but the difference in price is explained by the quantity. It may not appear on the photo, but it is bigger than the average. And how delicious is it!


The waiter kindly leaves us a moment to recover from this queen’s meal and comes back after a while to offer us two digestives. We don’t know what it is, except it’s not limoncello but it goes well. Review of this evening, it’s really worth to make a small hook to eat there (thing that I already knew!).


Le Patio

47 cours de Vincennes, Paris 20

Metro : Nation (line 1 / 2 / 6 / 9 / A) – Porte de Vincennes (line 1 / T3a / T3b)

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