Le Palinuro – Paris 9

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Le Palinuro. This is the perfect example of why I created this blog. I went there over a year ago with a friend and we forgot it. I mean we remembered that we ate very well there but we didn’t remember the location or the name.

This week, I meet a colleague in a bar (I’ll tell you about it at the end of the year) where we have a few drinks and start nibbling. It should be known that I harassed her to come while she preferred dinning in an Italian restaurant (bad habit of work evenings that end like this). Therefore, one hour later, we decide to move and, looking for a nearby Italian, I found it! Quick booking and off we go!

Five minutes’ walk and we reach Le Palinuro. As I remembered it, the place is sober but welcoming and quite quiet (just what we needed after the overcrowded bar). On the menu, only Italian dishes but it’s a pizza we’re dreaming of. So here we go, on two classics accompanied by Italian wine, certo!


We are quickly served and that’s great because we are starving. We immediately notice that the dough is homemade and it’s only joy. The calzone is well au gratin on the top even if it’s less photogenic. The regina is perfect, with flavoured mushrooms and ham as it should.

Nevertheless, we may have bitten off more than we can chew and we can’t finish our plates. Fortunately, our host agrees to make us a doggy bag with the remains and gently mocks us in passing when we specify that we still want a dessert. Admittedly, you have to take an entrée or a dessert to benefit from the discount but we don’t really need that excuse to justify ourselves.


Accompanying the pizza boxes, he brings a chocolate mousse for the greediest and a tiramisu for me. What better way to taste a tiramisu than when you are no longer hungry? If the cream is light enough, it slips without any effort. It seems that it’s the same system for chocolate mousse, but I personally need room to fully appreciate a mousse. In both cases, the jars end up empty. As I recalled, the meal is a success and it is surprisingly not very late when we leave the restaurant. When will we have the next meal there?

Le Palinuro

18 rue Chauchat, Paris 9

Metro : Le Peletier (line 7) – Richelieu Drouot (line 8/9)

You can book on LaFourchette and get a discount if you order at least starter + main course or main course + dessert (drinks do not benefit from reduction). If you do not have a LaFourchette account, do not hesitate to use my sponsorship code at registration: 7AAA10BF

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