Le Piquet – Paris 15

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When you are lucky enough to live in Paris, you don’t enjoy it as much as for holidays. It’s also true when you work near a touristic place. It took me a long time to realize that I was working close to the Champ de Mars. And it’s precisely (or almost) at the corner of the rue de Suffren and the avenue de la Motte Piquet that I take you today.This week, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with a colleague I hadn’t seen for a while. We’ve had a lot to catch up and the meal time was approaching. She started to talk about the places where she had lunch when she was at the office, some time ago, and then we finally decided to go to the Piquet.

We propose the restaurant to some colleagues and quickly settle inside. The menu offers a formula for 17 €, which is fair considering the neighborhood. Four suggestions for each dish, the hardest thing remains to choose. My colleagues end up ordering shallot flank steak while the child that I am decides to take the mash potatoes that accompanies the pork’s chest. Our orders are quickly served, and I thank my colleague for patiently waiting for me to take my photos.


What a treat! My colleagues who responded to the call of the flank steak seem to appreciate, as for the chest, it deserved wonderfully its title crusty-melting … We don’t speak until the plates are empty and our stomachs are satisfied, which is for me a safe bet in terms of contentment. But it’s not enough for the greedy people that we are and so, we are already debating about the dessert. You ought to know that the only reason I agreed to come (except to satisfy the desire of steak), is because my colleague has promissed me a chocolate mousse to die for and an excellent caramel cream… The wisest man chooses the red fruit white cheese while the real foodies order the chocolate mousse but I prefer to stay in the originality by testing this famous caramel cream.


This is not a simple caramel cream but a caramel cream with salted butter caramel flowing on it! And it’s very good, which compensates for the poverty of the photo that doesn’t honor this dessert. The chocolate mousse is more appreciable, served in a jar as fashion wants. According to my table companions (and myself as I tasted a little), it’s delicious: very chocolated but not too much.

Actually, we’ve eaten well in an hour, which is a reasonable timing for a bistro lunch. And apart from the dishes in the formula, those on the menu are atypical and appetizing. I can tell you that my colleagues will go back there for sure!


Le Piquet

48 avenue de la Motte Piquet, Paris 15

Metro : La Motte-Piquet Grenelle (line 6/8/10)


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