Dochilak – Paris 2

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Friday 13th, concert at the Olympia with my sister. Great opportunity to gain strength before screaming like crazy girls until we lose our voice! The appointment is given on the other side of the Place de l’Opéra to discover a Korean restaurant, a classic when I eat with my sister. Tonight, we’re betting on Dochilak. The choice is made on the decoration: very sober with lots of light, tables and block seats but enhanced with turquoise cushions.We have diner at English time (or almost) to eat quietly and arrive at the beginning of the first part of the show. Our table is ready, next to the window, with the menus presented as a leaflet. First good surprise, two menus are available: Soup + Starter + Main Course for 12 € and Soup + Starter + Main Course + Dessert for 16 €. Of course, all dishes are Korean so we start in two complete formulas to discover new things (or almost).


That evening, the soup is announced with eggs. It’s not as thick as I imagined but it’s very good, decorated with small pieces of what looks like potato. Once the bowls empty, the waitress comes and can finally answer our question: it’s turnip! (and turnip is good).


As a starter, we both opt for shrimp ravioli. Accustomed to « standard size » ravioli, we’re initially disconcerted to see ourselves served four small ravioli and just a few drops of sauce to season. But we are here to eat so we begin to eat. O surprise! These ravioli may be small but they are very well stuffed. And it’s good ! Not overcooked but just right, as we like them. And actually, our little sauce dish is enough.


We barely wait to be cleared and the main course is quickly served. True to herself, my sister takes a beef bibimbap. As for me, I decide to innovate for you. No bibimbap to introduce you to other Korean dishes. Avoid pork dishes to change. And today, it’s to the grilled chicken with the spicy sauce that wins.

A very good idea because there is a lot to eat between tender chicken pieces, vegetables, rice and side dishes. Although… Be careful, spoiler alert: their spicy sauce IS spicy! Like the nice waitress who looks after us says, if a Korean does not make very spicy dishes, it’s not a good Korean. So this dish is very good, but for those who aren’t prepared for this degree of spicy food, you ought to know how to ponder with rice, beer and anything else on the table (as a landmark, even kimchi is sweet next to it).


I finally extinguished the fire that ran through my mouth and even pushed the vice to saucer my dish with the rice left. That’s to say! On my sister’s side, the bibimbap disappeared silently and without a trace. A different approach but a result quite like mine, without spicy sauce obviously.


Once I fully recovered, it’s time to go for the last discovery of this meal: desserts! In order to change my traditional red bean cake, I order lemon and yuzu mousse. But my sister had never tasted it and so orders it, too. A priori, this dessert is served with cinnamon tea but there isn’t any more left and therefore she’s been offered something else (root thrush if I remember correctly).

What a surprise when our plates arrive. In fact, I didn’t expect my mousse to be served in a plastic bowl or that the sticky rice cake would look like those little colored balls. But my mousse is very good, quite fresh after my main dish, thanks to the lemon but not as acid with the yuzu, which attenuates a little. Actually, what a treat! And those colorful balls are well stuffed with red beans but also flavored with sesame, cinnamon, green tea, etc because they were previously rolled in. Their small size and different tastes may be better to eat the sticky rice to people who find it sickening. It’s true that the texture is still a little strange, but I like it so much that it doesn’t do anything to me anymore. Regarding our famous infusion, it’s good: it reminds me of the infusions with wheat soufflé and that’s why I can’t confirm it was root of thrush (which is yet an abstract perfume).


We leave satiated and delighted with this dinner. Our delight goes up a notch at the checkout when we’re told that they have a loyalty card and that after 10 meals bought on the spot or take away (which explains the foam in the plastic cup), a 16€ menu is offered! Yummy, that’s a good reason to come back.

Just an anecdotal point which is important to me for a restaurant. I give a special mention for the cleanliness and the arrangement of the toilets: screen at the entrance, small blue light and sink way zen fountain with two bowls in sandstone and a little greenery. Thank you!



22 rue Saint Augustin, Paris 2

Metro : Quatre Septembre (line 4) – Opera (line 3 / 7 / 8 / A)

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