Kakdougui – Paris 14

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Let’s head to Mouton-Duvernet (or Denfert-Rochereau) for a dinner full of emotions to see a friend I haven’t seen for a while. As always, I try to find a geographical common ground and suggest a small list of specialty to choose. So here we are on our way to Kakdougui, a small Korean discovery. Not very Korean a name? It should be pronounced Kaktugui and it’s the name of a Korean recipe based on white radish.

The appointment is given at around 8:00PM and the weather has been heavy all day. As soon as I exit the subway which is just 3 minutes from the restaurant, I am soaked to the bone! Wearing no scarf or waistcoat on me (considering the temperature of the day, it’s normal), I quickly start to get cold when I sit at the table. This being said, let’s turn back to the menu of Kakdougui: not much known but everything looks authentic. My friend decides to test the Korean pancake as a starter and to follow up with the stir-fried beef and since I’m wet, I start with a safe bet, i.e. the ravioli, and instead of taking the classic bibimbap as the main course, I decide to warm myself up with the spicy pork pot-au-feu. And that’s saying a lot… To stay in the discovery, we also had a Korean tea.


The tea arrives quickly enough to warm us up and it is a real surprise! No theine in it but rather wheat soufflé which makes us think of popcorn. Starters come quickly and we finally can start. The raviolis are good and slightly crunchy, which I adore. The Korean pancakes are a real discovery. It doesn’t have anything to do with the French pancakes we know but it’s good and consistent. Luckily for my friend she hadn’t taken a main dish which was too rich.


The main dishes are served as soon as the plates are emptied. Finally, something hot to really get me dried up… Though. The goal was to warm me from the inside and I worthily managed to scald my thighs because, yes it’s hot, but maybe a little too much. And it’s also staining. But luckily the pot-au-feu is delicious and I finished it by taking my time.


The waitress let us a moment before asking us for a dessert. It must be said that in the meantime we asked her if we could have a refill of hot water for our tea. She accepted without problem! In truth, we had eaten enough and the desserts were quite abstract for the uninitiated (the con of Korean cooking). By greed, I order a cake with sticky rice and red beans – my weakness. I know the description doesn’t make you taste it. But in life, you have to take risks: it’s good and slightly sweet. And finally, even my friend was convinced.

A very good place where you can take your time, with a caring staff and frequented by some Koreans (which says a lot about the cooking).



55 rue de Couedic, Paris 14

Metro : Mouton-Duvernet (line 4) – Denfert-Rochereau (line 4 / 6 / B)

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