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If you follow the posts on my Facebook account (yes, I don’t only post to tell you when a new article is online), you surely read that since last week until Sunday October 1 is the eighth edition of #tousaurestaurant. It is in this context that I went with my best friend at the Café le Baron, located between Le Peletier and Cadet, which offers a menu at 59 € for the occasion (which means 29 € 50 per person because one menu purchased = the second offered).

Like for the other editions, I choose a neighborhood where I never go to mark the occasion. The second argument to go to Cafe Le Baron was the menu. When some offers a unique menu, this one suggests two different dishes + a small cup of champagne which always pleases!

The place is very cozy and we are very welcomed. Once sat, we are being offered a mouthful of quinoa which reconciled me with this sacred seed of the Incas … and the highly expected cup of champagne while we choose what we are going to eat. Somewhat complementary, we opt for a different dish except for dessert. Between red berries and a chocolate fondant cake, there is no matter to discuss. The dishes procession can begin.

Quickly, the « homemade » foie gras with beet chutney and toasted bread and the organic avocado tartare with crab meat and citrus are served. Blending foie gras with beetroot is original but very good. As for tartare, it is very light and fresh thanks to citrus. So this is a very good start for this dinner.


Our empty plates are soon replaced by the main dish: a filet of gilthead seabream with seasonal vegetables and a duckling filet with cherry sauce and potatoes (in reality, the duckling filet is not as small as in the picture). And it is as beautiful as it tastes! The fish seems smoothing and the vegetables are crispy. Same opinion for the duckling filet with a real discovery of the cherry sauce that goes with both poultry and potatoes. Therefore, it’s a hit for the main dish and if vegetables remain, it is only to better enjoy the dessert! Because let’s face it, we are already full and the next step will be pure greediness.


The restaurant is full and the wait for the dessert will hopefully be longer than for the previous ones. This allows us to rest before the chocolate fondant cake is served. A chocolated marvel, with the ice cream that avoids disgust for the most sensitive people like me. The greediness will eventually overcome our desserts and we leave the place full but not close to sleep as it can happen when one bites off more than one can chew. Verdict: a real success, thanks #tousaurestaurant!


 Short notice: normally, the main dish is between 20 and 25 € but it is possible to get a -50% discount by booking on LaFourchette. And even for a special occasion, the value for money is very correct. I invite you to go there at least once to try it (perhaps for a birthday or a special appointment!).


Café le Baron

11 rue de Châteaudun, Paris 9

Metro : Le Peletier (line 7) – Notre Dame de Lorette (line 12)

If you are not interested in the formula, you can book on LaFourchette and get a discount if you order at least starter + main course or main course + dessert (drinks do not benefit from reduction). If you do not have a LaFourchette account, do not hesitate to use my sponsorship code at registration: 7AAA10BF

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