Le Saigon d’Antan – Paris 6

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Saturday night, time to go out. Everything is scheduled but we need a small technical stop to start with good basics and a full belly. The choice of the restaurant depends on our program and this time, I’m looking for a place along the subway line 10. Considering the starting point of each participant and the final destination, the solution is Odéon!

It’s hot, today has been very busy, so we need something good (obviously) and easy to digest… Originality brings us to Le Saigon d’Antan, a traditional Vietnamese restaurant based rue Monsieur le Prince. As soon as we arrived, we settled in and were served water before asking, which is remarkable enough to be noticed. The menu is varied but not too much, prices are affordable and dishes look appetizing. The place even has its specialties ! But tonight, we remain on a safe bet and we order two bobuns.


Chicken and Beef Bobun : 9€

The dishes are quickly served  and – surprise – they are huge ! I guess these are the most generous bobuns we have ever seen so far. Good point for the big eaters, there’s a lot of meat inside and the nems are already cut out. Onions, seasoning and sauce can be dose out according to your desires. Regarding the taste, we are delighted ! It is really very good and it fills your belly. We take the time to eat it and we are no longer hungry by the end of the meal.


Therefore, we choose without regret to skip dessert which are mainly made of fruit / nougats or frosted fruits. But the story tells us that my friend went back to lunch a little later and that her opinion is always the same: she recommends it!


Le Saigon d’Antan

24 rue Monsieur le Prince, Paris 6

Metro : Odéon – Cluny la Sorbonne (line 10)

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