Le Café d’Albert – Paris 11

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Well, you are quite a few to complain because I haven’t posted a brunch on this blog yet. So I’ll take you to the 11th, near the Alexandre Dumas’ station, in my old favorite Sunday canteen. Why old ? Because time flies and I don’t live next to it anymore, but it’s always wonderful to go across Paris to enjoy this REAL buffet…

You’ve got croissants and chocolate croissants directly from the bakery, unlimited coffee and chocolate, pancakes, tarts, tea bags and cold milk to start with the awakening part. The squeezed orange juice is served and you can ask for refill, just like the bread basket.

Generally, I take my pastries with the unconditional scrambled eggs (why having a brunch if it is not to eat scrambled eggs ?) and various salmon / cheese / ham toasts that can change from one week to another. Be careful, those are treacherous: you eat them without hunger and that’s how you get to the second plate! After this plate, you may need to make a small mixed salad break to ease the digestion. Again, you’ve got the choice: classic salad, traditional tomato and cucumber salad, or more elaborate salads.


Once appetite has returned (if it returns thinking about those who eat like a bird), it’s time to go for the main course by choosing between two daily specials and accompaniments or quiches. It’s important to note that quiches may change during brunch depending on what comes out of the kitchen. Don’t worry if quiches are cold, a microwave is available below the sweets.

Finally for the bravest, or for the smartest who preferred to zap the previous plate, it’s time to go for the dessert(s) ! Either you have chosen not to eat pancake or cake at the beginning of the meal and now is your time, or you directly go to the window case without going back to the buffet. And again, what a choice : verrines of chocolate mousse / tiramisu / panna cotta, fruit salad, cheeses and cold meats… (yes we must admit, it is only at that moment that we discover it).


In a nutshell, I let you salivate in front of this great buffet which only costs 24€ and I’m going to book for next Sunday (or Saturday) because it’s safer to book when you go to the Café d’Albert, especially on Sundays !


Le Café d’Albert

109 boulevard de Charonne, Paris 11

Metro : Alexandre Dumas (line 2)

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