La Bocca – Paris 14

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The weather is good, spring finally blossoms and here we are, transformed into a Parisian cliche, running to the green space to enjoy the sun! But filling up vitamin D whets the appetite! This led us to chase the perfect place nearby the Montsouris park to soothe our hunger. After looking through a bunch of front door menus, a black front window with a big red « kiss » catches my eyes. Once we glance at the menu and have a quick peek inside we knew we were convinced this was place we were eating at.

We are immediately welcomed by a very nice waiter with a strong Italian accent, who directly holds us out the menu. While my friend finds her favorite dish (Scaloppina alla milanese), my heart hesitates between pizza, penne and lasagna… until the waiter assures me that there is no carrot (I hate carrots) in the lasagna!


When the dishes arrived, we frowned at the size difference between the escalope and the slice of lasagna. At first, the latter looked ridiculous and my belly was already shouting « more ». But things are not what they appear to be and the lasagna were delicious and copious! Nothing wrong either with the escalope, given the speed in which it disappeared.

As greediness is stronger than anything else, here come desserts… We were given the choice between classics (tiramisu, panna cotta, ice creams, etc.) and a pineapple carpaccio (with or without alcohol) and the special : apple pie. I did not feel able to go for a tiramisu after the lasagna so I ordered the pineapple carpaccio (lighter, but with alcohol, don’t push it!). When my friend heard what the special was, she gave in.


Wonder when the desserts arrived. The yogurt ice cream made me regret my choice, at least until I tasted it … Cutting the pineapple into thin slices changes its taste and reduces the acidity I usually do not like in this fruit. This dessert tasted good, fresh and fitted very well after the lasagna. The apple pie was also very good and it was a wonderful idea to serve it with a yoghurt ice cream. Therefore, we had a perfect dinner and we will go again surely!


La Bocca

179 boulevard Brune, Paris 14

Metro : Porte d’Orleans (line 4 / T3a)


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