The Beast – Paris 3

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I found a new restaurant partner! My mission is to take her with me to taste new places. Today, let’s go toward République to have dinner in the first Parisian smokehouse : The Beast ! named after the hot blast stove in a kitchen, coming straight from the U.S.

The second you get into that place which is half restaurant / half fast-food, you realise it’s gonna rock. The inside is not that spacious, only a few rows of tables, which makes it very uncommon and interesting. Beware, hotsy-totsy people, you’re gonna have to share your table with strangers as high schoolers! By the way, you’re gonna have to pick your order at the counter, served on a tray without a plate.

Once set up, the waitress brings us the menus (rather clipboards with a printed menu on it) and explains us how things go down here : you order directly at the counter, dish by dish, call her for the drinks and then, go back to the counter to pay. Easy! After hesitating for quite some time, my friend decides to go for the pork baby back ribs with Mc&Cheese while I chose the beaf brisket with barbecue beans.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Back to our table, we can finally eat! And let’s be honest, it was time to fill in. The first mouthful brings me back directly to the US with this meat slowly baked all through the night. A bit of chili and raw onions with it… and the tray is quickly empty #oops. On the other side of the table, same conclusion with the baby back ribs, which are the best dish in my opinion, and the great Mc&Cheese.

The aim of this dinner was not only to discover this restaurant but to see each other as we don’t hang out often. That’s why at least 15 minutes have passed before we start to think about dessert. To be honest, we could have skip this part, the main dish has filled our stomachs. My friend has already spotted what I call « the big fat thing », the big-greasy-hyper-caloric thing in the menu. That’s why her greed and my wisdom (I know, that’s hard to believe) lead us to order the peanut banana pie with two spoons.


Peanut butter banana pie – 7€

A few tips before eating this dessert : don’t try to finish it at any cost and try to enjoy what you can eat. Shared plate, shared guilt. Beware, it’s excellent but when I ordered « the big fat thing », the waitress immediately understood what I was talking about, that means everything. However, if you are an ogre, you might not understand what I am talking about and you will just treat yourself with it. Simply because, in spite of the approximative 5K calories it contains, what a delight!

The Beast 

27 rue Meslay, Paris 3

Metro : Temple (line 3) – Republique (line 3 / 5 / 8 / 9 / 11)

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