La Crêperie Framboise – Paris 15

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At noon, I finally convinced my colleagues to eat in a small Parisian restaurant chain that I adore: the Crêperie Framboise! It has the merit of being good, not very expensive, serving quickly and it only uses buckwheat flour and 100% organic wheat. Once I said that, I said quite everything. Last thing to do was to taste…On the menu, we find several decent formulas. The list of wafers is divided into 3 categories which form the basis of the formulas. My favorite is the Formule Classique at 13€70 because the crepes are diversified and the glass of cider included (but it can be replaced by something of equal value). As always, I chose a crêpe with ham, Ambert fourme (kind of blue cheese) and pear because mixing cheese and fruit is very tasty and I can’t resist both of them. For the dessert, the homemade salted butter caramel always wins.


Crepe with ham, Ambert fourme and pear

Our table is quickly served and despite being teased by my colleagues on the quality of this restaurant and the « pressure » they put on me, the crepes quickly disappeared, to the point of wondering if there were a hole at the bottom of their plate. When a group who speaks a lot is silent as long as their plates are filled, it means everything to me. Once we started talking again, the waiter came to take over. My little speech on salted butter caramel worked rather well, 4 crepes and 2 white cheeses are ordered (ah! the voice of reason …)


Crepe with homemade salted butter caramel

 For crepes, it is the same punishment that in the first round: a sudden disappearance surely due to this famous hole in the bottom of plates … It is always difficult for me to finish this crepe: I know that by the end there will not be any more left so I try to take my time while eating the most caramel possible (we are not animals, we still won’t lick the plate… though). In short, an order and a good meal finished in 40 minutes all inclusive, the ideal plan for fast lunch or express dinners! (This creperie was approved by a real Breton).


Crêperie Framboise 

51 avenue de la Motte-Piquet, Paris 15

Metro : Motte-Piquet (line 6 / 8 / 10)

If you are not interested in the formula, you can book on LaFourchette and get a discount if you order at least starter + main course or main course + dessert (drinks do not benefit from reduction). If you do not have a LaFourchette account, do not hesitate to use my sponsorship code at registration: 7AAA10BF

LaFourchette bookingframboise

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